Dead God Land: Survival Games

Dead God Land: Survival Games

Which devil should I sell my soul to, so that the madhouse I live in turns out to be just a stupid dream?” Rick thought, waving his machete in front of the hordes of zombies. He has been asking this rhetorical question for the past few days. I can't believe it! A few days ago, these cadavers (local zombie nickname) were members of his special squad, and today they want to make a medium-rare steak out of their fellow soldier. What was I saying? They will happily eat me in a raw condition. Although, when one looks more closely, life has never been as interesting as it is now. Jill Sparrow was right when she said she would never leave this damned island. Not a single watching on a couch of a stupid reality show about juicy-assed residents of Calabasas cannot be compared with the apocalypse that is happening in this godforsaken Archipelago. The walking dead (or even the running dead), the mad ass terrorists (do they ever rest??), some f*cking sacrifice fans (how many people have I managed to pull out of their tenacious paws), and even wildmen (no comments). And ALL OF THEM are dreaming of killing me...

In this situation, I'm generally surprised that decent people live here too! You can either meet scientists or do business with merchants! Or you can drop by the smugglers for a glass of beer! Cool guys, by the way! Sometimes they can provide me with a cushy job. Trust me, in this jungle you’ll definitely need a job. Weapons, ammunition, clothes, food, water - all this does not fall on my head from the sky! And my hut also needs to be repaired. Otherwise I will have no place where I can rest from this “cheerful and friendly” crowd...

I became such a handyman! I can grow whatever I want! If I lived in a normal place, I would publish a “Man and the Garden” magazine! So, ladies, get in line! I won't be single forever! Ha ha! However, with so many busty native girls in these parts, you cannot rush to get married for the time being) One Chief invites me to an orgy, I no longer have the strength to refuse! And yet, the unsophisticated love of local chicks will still have to be earned by unprecedented feats! You know, they go to gather mushrooms and berries in the forest, where all sorts of evil spirits are waiting for them! And then I go on stage and save these innocent souls! After such a horrible experience, they fawn over you, like cats on heat, want to thank you for the life you saved!

In general, life here is very exciting! Survival in such an environment is fun! So let's kill, save, craft, mine, explore the territory, build a shelter, grow food and seduce young ladies together! And don’t forget the bosses, for sure! Also be careful with the players as well! They are quite cheeky bastards. They can pocket all your loot! But it's okay, in our game you will not remain unavenged!

In short, kids, welcome to Dead God Land: Zombie Games! I promise it will be exciting!

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