FAQ: Rope, fishing nets and all about it in DGL.

FAQ: Rope, fishing nets and all about it in DGL.

You are lucky if you find the rope. And if you could find a fishing net, you are a very lucky person and you can continue to craft nets.

If you need rope and nets, then this note is for you.


The rope can be scarfed from sweet potato fiber in the section for crafting clothes. Three sweet potato fibers make one rope.

Tap the button and the rope is ready.

Fishing Nets

To craft nets, you need a sewing table. If you already have it - fine, you can move on to the next point. If it isn’t, collect it from a rope, sandstone, and bamboo.

Craft of Sewing Table

The sewing table is ready - great! Now you need to go to the resource location and collect more fiber of sweet potatoes. Make a rope and put it inside.

Have to wait an hour

So you need to craft 4 grids. Are the nets ready?

We replenish stocks of scrap metal, bamboo, and rope, and craft a fishing net.

Crafring fishing net

If the network is ready, you will see a mark in construction mode

Mark in construction mode

Click on the button of construction mode, and select the second tab. We see there is a fishing net. Click on it.

Set the fishing net

You will be offered a place where you can put a fishing net. Click the checkmark.

You can put three nets and no more.

The fishing net is set. Now you need to find the fish bait. You can find it after defeating the cadaver or in loot after completing the quest, so go search for it!

Did you find the bait? Now go to the nets and put the bait in it. One bait will bring you 20 fish.

Have to wait

You need to wait an hour or speed up the process. And then you can have a bite of delicious fried or dried fish.

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