FAQ: What you can eat in DGL and how to find and cook it.

FAQ: What you can eat in DGL and how to find and cook it.

You need food and water to survive on the Archipelago. Further, we will tell you what you can eat and how to cook it without dying from dysentery.


First of all, you need to build a Water Collector. You cannot survive without fresh water.

Water collector crafting

After that, you need to take the bottle, empty or full, from the cadavers. Water will be collected in an empty bottle.

Water collection

Water can be boiled at the bonfire. Boiled water is needed to create medicine.


The island grows a lot of bananas, oranges, and pineapples. You can collect them and immediately eat them, or you can build a juicer in your home location and squeeze the juice out of them. In the juicer, you can get orange and pineapple juice, coconut milk



You can catch fish with a net, or you can get it as part of loot. Fish before use must be cooked. It can be cooked on a bonfire (regular or bonfire in a barrel). To do this, put the fish in the upper cell, and the fuel (wood, bamboo) in the lower. The cooking process starts.

Fish cooking

You can put the fish in the meat dryer and get the dried fish.

Fish drying


The meat can be obtained by hunting for a crocodile or a hippopotamus or found in the loot. Meat, like fish, must be cooked at the stake (regular or in a barrel).

Meat cooking

You can put the meat in a meat dryer and get the jerky.

Meat drying

Sweet potato

You can find sweet potatoes as part of loot, or you can grow them. To grow it you will need to create a garden bed and find the sweet potato stalks. You can find many stalks in all locations.

Is the crop ripe? Sweet potatoes can be eaten raw or cooked. For cooking, you need a bonfire in a barrel only.


Corn can be found in loot, harvested at locations be grown on a garden bed of seeds. Seeds you can find in the Near Plateau, Rain forests, Near Caves. The process of growing in the garden is similar to the process of growing sweet potatoes.

Corn can not be eaten raw, it must be cooked in a fire in a barrel.

Corn cooking


If in life on the island, you are bored with an omelet, you can buy eggs from the Merchant and cook them on a bone in a barrel.

Eggs cooking


Eating raw meat or fish leads to illness. Your HP will fall and will not be able to recover 100%. Cook meat and fish before eating.

We wish you a successful survival!