FAQ: Character’s death in DGL.

FAQ: Character’s death in DGL.

Why does a character die?

A character dies when his health level drops to zero. Your XP is reduced from attacks by enemies, shooting, burns, radiation, etc. You can see your health level on the scale in the upper right corner of the screen. The character may die of hunger or thirst, so don’t ignore his phrases about hunger and thirst.

You can see your HP level here

What happens to my weapons and armor after death?

After death, your character loses all his clothes, armor, weapons, and things that he had in his pockets and backpack. He appears at the home location in his underwear. His life force returns to 100% and all achievements, including the level, remain.

Do not worry, you can try to pick up your things until the body has become the prey of zombies. On locations, next to the name of which there is a timer on the map, you can do this before it ends. Resource locations (forests and valleys) are updated as soon as you exit from there. There the body cannot be found after death.

He is dead

If you do not want to look for a body being naked and defenseless, risking to die again before you find it, you need a second chance. These things are shown at the top in the center of the screen next to the HP scale. The second chance will resurrect you in the same place and time and save your treasures - armor, weapons, and other booty. You can immediately continue to destroy enemies and explore the location!

You can find the number of second chances here

How can I get a second chance?

At the beginning of the game, you get 1 one second chance for free. You can later receive it as a daily reward or buy it. To use the chance, click “Reanimate” on the death screen. There are no restrictions on the use of the second chance, you can give yourself a third, fifth, and any number of chances.

Death screen

The second chance is a great opportunity to save armor and weapons even if your character is dead.

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