FAQ: Tools in DGL.

FAQ: Tools in DGL.

In this note, we want to tell you about the types of tools and for what purposes each of them serves. You need one tool to cut bamboo, another to extract clay, a third is needed in raids. Let's talk about each of them.

Bones and bamboo tools

From bones and bamboo, you can make the simplest tools. You can mine clay, sand, sandstone, copper, and iron with the Bone Pickaxe. The Bone Ax will be needed for the extraction of clay, sand, bamboo, and ordinary wood. All tools can destroy the walls of tire 1.

Iron tools

To create a miner pick and an iron ax, you need a crafting table. It can mine everything the same as bamboo tools, only better. The ax can be used to mine hardwood and pick - for mine titanium. Both tools can destroy walls to the third level.

Fire tools

These tools can’t be crafted, but you can get them in quest loot. Fire Pick and Ax are all the same as iron tools, but better

Cooper tools

The Copper Ax allows you to mine clay, sand, bamboo, plain wood and hardwood faster.The Copper pickaxe allows to mine clay, sand, a stove, copper and titanium. Both tools destroy walls to the fourth level. Craft in the crafting table.

Steel tools

A steel ax will allow you to mine clay, sand, bamboo, plain wood, and hardwood even faster. Steel pickaxe allows you to mine clay, sand, baker, copper, and titanium. Both tools destroy walls to the fourth level better. Craft in the crafting table too.

Titanium tools

Titanium tools can be created on a crafting table. With them, you can mine any materials and destroy walls of any strength quickly and efficiently.

Legendary tools

Legendary tools cannot be crafted. Legendary steel tools can be bought from Jane Larson. Legendary titanium tools can be bought in the game store or received as a reward for completing particularly difficult missions.


The stronger the material of the tool, the faster they can extract resources and the longer it will serve you.

The stronger the tool, the higher the level of the shooting gallery for its crafting.

Any tools can be used not only for the extraction of resources but also for the destruction of walls and breaking the heads of enemies.