Killer Cars

Killer Cars

Choose your own monster-car and destroy another players in MMO vehicular combats
KillerCars is all about non-stop action. If you’re looking for a place to chill out and take a breather, you won’t find it in this game! Expect high-octane, daredevil racing, as every player
tries to frag you. Rule the road by grabbing randomly scattered weapons and blasting anyone that’s in your way!
10 players do battle in real-time clashes lasting 5 minutes each. Controlling cars in the shape of monsters they fight to see who’s the top dog.
Use a range of strategies in team play. Fit out your car with various types of boosters and weaponry! Every car has its own unique edge—show your racing prowess by making the
most of these inbuilt features.
Special features:
- no other game has levels with an alternative gravity system!
- tons of weaponry you can pick up and use along with what you already have!
- every car has its own unique inbuilt weaponry (ULTIMATE)!
- pimp up your car during battle and leave your opponents in the dust!
Upcoming updates will include:
- a rating system
- bug fixes
- balance settings based on the results of beta testing
- new weaponry, levels and cars
- choice of players for a team in CommandGame mode
- and plenty more.
KillerCars is a VehicularCombat game (fight while you race and come out alive). It’s you or them! Go for it!
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