Drop Solitaire Odissey

Drop Solitaire Odissey

This new, exciting game for fans of solitaire is guaranteed to provide hours of fun! We are offering an exciting game to all card fans.
But this comes with a warning: the game is quite interesting and you have to invest time to win.
The game begins at the novice level but gradually increases in difficulty. New challenges arise, and the levels become more complex. Winning solitaire won't be easy with new puzzles.
Solitaire is not just entertainment, it also helps with concentration and developing logic and reasoning skills. Mental stress that gradually increases with the level of difficulty is a great way to improve brain function.
Beautiful and vivid animation, relaxing music and realistic sound effects will pleasantly surprise you.
Are you confident in your abilities? Try your hand at our solitaire!
Maybe you are bored? Our solitaire is sure to keep you busy. Moreover, the time it takes to place the cards passes completely unnoticed.